To achieve its mission, the Best College Match Foundation 501(c)(3) Partnerships are vitally important. We are continually looking to partner, collaborate and support other organizations who are also community advocates striving to expand greater life’s success through education.

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goIT is TCS’ signature community engagement program in North America that increases interest in STEM and Computer Science through design thinking, mobile app development, and mentorship from TCS employee volunteers. 

Primarily focused toward middle school students underrepresented in computing fields, goIT offers a free and flexible program for schools, non-profits, and other youth-serving institutions to help students engage actively in computational thinking by using a student-driven exploration of community-centered issues. 

Students work in teams to identify a problem, generate possible solutions, wireframe their prototypes, develop and test their mobile apps, and present their work to peers and judges. In turn, goIT participants are introduced to design thinking as a problem-solving framework, acquire critical thinking experience while troubleshooting designs, improve their ability to work in teams, and refine their communication skills through public presentations. 

Each TCS volunteer completes extensive training, covering youth psychology, design thinking, educational systems, and tools for mobile app development to aid their preparation as a mentor.


Character. Competence. Confidence.​

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501 (c)(3)

These are some of the organizations that partner with TCS and BCMF to bring goIT to students.

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