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Q: What role does the family play at "Best College Match?" 


A: The absolute best time to get started with BCM would be at the end of eighth grade year.  However, because we appreciate the uniqueness of all students and families we focus on those who need that extra support during their junior and especially, senior years.

A: We’re glad you asked! There are many ways to get connected with BCM. You can start simply showing your commitment to our mission by liking us on FB and following us on Twitter. Display support by sharing the BCM pledge.

Q: Why should I pay for this service?


Character. Competence. Confidence.​

Q: How can"Best College Match"  help me? 



Q: How can I begin my search for my "Best College Match"?

A: The college admissions and scholarship process is often overwhelming for many students and their families. At BCM we offer a proven five step process that empowers students and families to find and fund their best college experience. 


Q: Where does our guidance counselor fit in this process?
Q: How can I get involved?

A: Please call 1 – 844 – RINGBCM (1 – 844 – 746 – 4226) to speak with a representative or get-started now to find out more about how to begin the search for your "Best College Match". 


A: Absolutely! Applying for the BCM Foundation Heritage Scholarship Award is easy and open to any Kentucky High School Senior that will be a first time college attendee starting in the fall.  Get started at BCM Foundation.

A: We are passionate about our mission, just take a look at Blake’s story. We are not simply trying to help students gain acceptance into prestigious universities or get scholarships anywhere simply to go to college for free.  Our goal is to provide students with the know how and find their personal best college fit. 

Q: What differentiates BCM from other college services?

A: A college education is more essential to success than it has ever been before. Therefore, it is more important than ever to make sure that you find the perfect college fit. BCM is a short term investment that can help make this happen. 

A: We do.  BCM is staffed to offer students the appropriate level of straight forward professional advice that meets their own particular needs and personality.  Please contact us to discuss your unique situation to see if private consulting makes sense for you.

A: Guidance Counselors are a great resource but are often stretched beyond their limits based on the number of students they serve. That’s why at BCM we want to help students take more of an active role in securing their "Best College Match" through teaching them how to leverage the efficiency of their search throughout the process. 

Q: How can I help support BCM?




A: At BCM we take a personal approach to helping each student find and fund their "Best College Match."   However, we appreciate that the student must take personal ownership of this very serious responsibility.  We also appreciate that it takes a village for students to be most successful.  Therefore, BCM absolutely encourages ‘Home Team’ support as one our hallmarks of the proven 5 step process.

​Best College Match Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does "Best College Match" offer private consulting? 
Q: When is the right time to start looking for your "Best College Match?"  

Best College Match Frequently Asked Questions



Q: Can I apply for your scholarship?

A: Since it does ‘take a village,’ BCM welcomes your support of volunteerism, event notifications and monetary gifts. Contributions can be made to the BCM Foundation and will support students who may need assistance accessing our services.