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Opal Davis Dawson, CEO Best College Match

E. Blake Dawson, College Equity Consultant

Blake is Louisville’s resident “Million Dollar Man” and also serves as a Motivational Speaker for "Best College Match."

Blake served as valedictorian for the 2016 graduating class of James Graham Brown School in Louisville, KY. His experience brings a unique talent to the BCM staff. 

His career highlights include being a 2015 Kentucky Governor’s Scholar, receiving the YMCA Character Award, and the U of L Yarmuth Book Award. He is a Top 25 National Ranked Debater, a Business First - First Honors Award recipient, a member of the Chestnut Street YMCA Black Achievers Teen Senate, and a member of The Muhammad Ali Council of Students. 

Blake has previous experience as a store associate with Panera Bread Bakery Company and more recently as a summer intern with The Brown-Forman Corporation. 

Blake has been accepted into the Ron Brown Scholar’s Network as a Ron Brown Captain and attends Florida A & M University on a full merit based scholarship with a major in Business Administration.

Blake has a passion for personal and educational excellence. He loves to share his story; learn more about him here.  

Best College Match Objectives
Why Choose Best College Match?
E. Blake Dawson, CEC Best College Match

Opal Dawson, Chief Education Officer

Opal is an educational consultant and leadership coach as well as a retired, award winning principal for a Pre-K public Montessori school. She has nearly 30 years of experience.

Opal has worked extensively with families to prepare students with the foundational skills required for college and career readiness. Her unique skillset helps provide students with their Best College Match. She wants to help students find the same success as her son, Blake.  ​

We are committed to helping students achieve their highest college experience through our proven "Best College Match" 5 Step Process:

  1. M- Mastering personal self awareness. 

  2. A-  Accepting proficiency in academics.

  3. T-  Thoughtfully considering parameters of college choices.

  4. C-  Carefully strategizing for the procurement of college funding.

  5. H- Honestly working to choose the "Best College Match."

Greg Dawson, Chief Opportunity Officer

Greg has worked for over 20 years as a community development banker and entrepreneur. He has successfully operated several privately owned enterprises.  Greg’s commitments to his community are numerous. They include roles in economic development, housing and education. He has served a long career of helping families and children. 

His unique background enables him to passionately and effectively support students in finding their Best College Match just as he has done in the support of his own son.

Best College Match Meet Our Team

Greg Dawson, COO Best College Match

At "Best College Match"  we are committed to helping students find the best college experience by expanding their Character, building their Competence and exercising their Confidence.
We understand that applying for college can be overwhelming for students and families. When it comes to choosing the right college at the right price the stakes are high and the best pathway is often unclear. It’s a huge life’s decision. It’s very personal and we get it!
We just found a match for our son, Blake. Read his story here. 
That’s why at "Best College Match"  we offer personalized college coaching services that meet the specific needs of the individual student. We appreciate the fact that some students may need only to be pointed in the right direction, while others may need more personal attention. We’ve tailored our services to meet all of those needs. 
At BCM we take a holistic approach through our proven 5 step M.A.T.C.H process to help each student identify their best college fit at their best price. We strive to give each student a greater understanding of themselves by helping them understand their own abilities and desires.
We are dedicated to helping students, families and colleges create the proper balance of the best college fit and price. We help families find a school that is a win-win for everyone. 

At "Best College Match" we want every student to be able to say with Confidence that as a result of coaching:


  • They value themselves
  • They understand their academic proficiencies
  • They've selected colleges within their parameters
  • They've procured acceptable college funding
  • They're ready to attend their "Best College Match" 

If you or your family may benefit from this type of personalized college selection service, contact us today.

Character. Competence. Confidence.​

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